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RECEIPT sample template PSD template



Looking for a way to show proof of payment for goods or services?

Spend less time making cash receipt forms and more time expanding your business!
Fully editable retail purchase bill, supermarket shopping receipt, sum invoice check, total cost store sale paper, detailed grocery payment receipt PSD samples on our stores –
well organized, named & very easy to use.

receipt is a written document acknowledging a payment that has been made: it is commonly issued after an invoice has been paid and includes transaction details, such as payment method.

There are a few common situations when you may need a payment receipt. These can include:
providing proof of payment – avoid any discrepancies or problems arising in the future by presenting a payment receipt as proof, so you’re not charged again
making a down payment or deposit – they can also be used as proof of what you have already paid, and are useful for recordkeeping to make sure future payments are accurate
tracking your spending or expenses – stick within your personal budget or keep tabs on business expenses by compiling payment receipts you can refer back to in the future

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